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Default How Do I "Add to Outlook Contacts" in another PST file?

I change Outlook PST files occasionally for my mail. However, I want to keep
my contacts together in a separate PST file because of the changing mail
content PST files. I have a separate PST file for contacts. I can manually
enter and use names, etc into/from the separte PST contact list but so far I
have not discovered a way to save a contact name from an email using the
Right Click - Add to Outlook Contacts function. It always stores it in my
current email content PST contact list instead of the separate contact PST
file. It doesn't seem to honor the fact I have my separate contact pst ahead
of the current mail pst for which contact list to use first. Am I missing
something? Are there alternatives to keeping a separate contact list that
crosses mail content pst files? Using Outlook 2003 at latest level on a
Windows/XP Pro machine. Thanks