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Default unable to update public free/busy data --- how do i get rid of this error?

In ,
lid typed:
thanks for the suggestion, I assume you are talking about Office 2002
patches? I will look for any... but i'm reluctant to add patches when
things are working fine other than this.

but not sure why anything would change, i've been running in this
configuration for over 2 years. why all of a sudden?

Who knows....just be sure you're up to date anyway. If you go to Windows
Update, you should see the option to upgrade to MicrosoftUpdate - this will
also update Office.

can you explain exactly what the error means and what is outlook
looking for? i am not using the scheduling features, perhaps i turned
it on by accident. it could be looking for exchange server which it
will never find.

Do you have Exchange stuff in your mail profile? Did you, ever? Have you
tried creating a new mail profile?