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Denzil Hathway
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Default Outlook 'To:' Field Memory

"fred" wrote in message
When one is creating a new email message and begins to enter the
addressee's email name in the 'To:' field Outlook[Express] will present
alternatives to select in a small window. These selections are based
upon the characters one has already entered. Question: What are the
sources of these alternatives/possibilities(clearly one source is the
contact list)? Is there more than one possible source in Outlook
and/or Outlook Express? If so then what is the precedence order for
their usage/presentation etc.? Is there somekind of MRU
list/memory/cache of recently entered values beyond the address
book/contact list? If so then how can that MRU list/memory/cache be
cleared? A persistent erroneous entry seems to keep appearing there
and I can't figure out how to correct and/or remove it...the contact
list isn't it.

Fred, I'm hardly an expert in this area - maybe a MVP with training and
skill will answer you but I don't think you can equate Outlook and Outlook
Express in this area, they handle address data differently.

Somewhere along the line someone had the idea to share address information
with other applications that used an address book, like Word and Word
Perfect. Outlook Express then stored its data in a .pab file to which the
other applications had access.

Outlook stores its address [Contacts] data in .pst files, which are to be
found in Documents and Settings [Documents and

You may well be looking at two different files when you access information
from the applications themselves. Denzil.