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On Wed, 29 Apr 2009 14:33:01 -0700, denise s wrote:

Please let me know how to send a large media AVI file of 99.7 mb via e-mail.
I currently have Microsoft Express 6.

I know of two email services which can handle email with a total size of 20
MB: Windows Live Hotmail Plus, and Yahoo! Mail Plus. Most others are just 10
MB, or less. When sending email between two systems, you will be limited to
the smallest size a system can handle; i.e., Yahoo! Mail Plus to AOL would
be limited to the size that AOL permits. No larger.

You would be best served using an online file transfer service; one where
you are allowed to upload such large files, and give the URL to whomever you
intend to download it. I've not used such a service, so I have no

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