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Default Default Account keeps changing

Yes, you can have both POP3 and Exchange in the same profile. As a matter of fact, you can have IMAP and HTTP in the same profile.

Please check your information before providing misleading answers.

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After furious head scratching, Mary asked:

| You can't have both POP and Exchange in the same profile. You need to
| set up separate profiles.
| " wrote:
|| I am running SBS 2003 and I have 2 Vista Laptops running Office 2007.
|| When I set an smtp account as the default account in Outlook, after I
|| reboot, my default email account gets changed back the Exchange
|| Account, which I don't want. This happens with 2 different laptops
|| belonging to 2 different users.
|| Is there a setting in SBS that overrides this each time the laptops
|| log onto the domain? I've gone through it and I can't find anything.