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Default Why Incredimail so slow?

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I've used Incredimail for years now and it does not, nor did it ever
have any
spyware of any kind.

Incredimail - The choice of immature, irresponsible, and ignorant
e-mail users

Incredimail is the choice of immature e-mail users, those that need to
hide the fact that they have little substance in the content of their
message and need to fluff it up with extraneous style and extra
garbage. Or maybe you are a marketer or spammer and that's why you
need to bloat your messages: little to say so use something to enlarge
it. Sure, yeah, your recipients want e-mails that are ten times
larger than necessary and bloated with fluff backgrounds, music, gifs,
and other non-essential crap. A simple 2KB message will bloat up to
55KB, or worse. Are you trying to irritate your recipients that still
use dial-up by making them wait longer to receive your bloated mails?
You'll find anything you have in Incredimail, like contacts, will be
hard or impossible to get out once you decide to leave it.

Use a good e-mail program. Incredimail isn't one of them. If you
decide to continue using it, expect some of your recipients to block
that crap-ridden mail or even have it tagged as spam if you send many
mails to the same domain, especially for short messages since the
fluff crap will constitute most of the message and be seen as the
major content of all those repetitive e-mails. Also, you may find
your recipients don't appreciate getting childish content. The HTML
coding it employs is awful, and it is highly likely that most if not
all of your e-mails don't even require being sent as HTML messages
(which, at a minimum, doubles the size of your mails to provide an
HTML copy and a plain-text copy assuming that Incredimail follows the
RFC standards which wouldn't be a surprise if they don't).

Be a responsible and considerate email sender. Don't use Incredimail
which emphasizes style over content; i.e., you waste the recipient's
time, bandwidth, and disk space with fluff. Once you decide it is
crap, you'll be back asking how to uninstall it. ISPs or e-mail
providers will support only one or few e-mail clients (to minimize the
training or expertise required by their techs since the operation of
the e-mail client is not their concern but only in the settings needed
for it to use their e-mail service). Don't expect any to help you
with Incredimail. From what I read, don't even expect Incredimail to
help you with Incredimail. Did you even see a FAQ or help page at
their web site?

When I send e-mail, I expect only my mail server to get it and deliver
it to the recipient. However, with Incredimail, it also connects to
them to send information about your use of Incredimail. Read Doesn't
anyone bother to read their, um, "policies"
( They announce that
they will collect info regarding your e-mails. Oh no, they're not
spyware but they DO collect info on your e-mails. Sure, they don't
spy, uh huh - but they DO spy. An e-mail client should only be
connecting to the user's mail server, not to Incredimail's server,
too. They would like to redefine the term "spyware" to not include
themself. People got enraged with Gmail doing that to provide
targeted marketing. No email program should track your email (date &
time, how many number times you use their program, which pictures you
used) and store this marketing data on a server located in a foreign
country - but Incredimail does. They admit that they collect info
about your sent e-mails which means a data collection and transmission
mechanism is employed. With that link between your computer and their
server, they can collect any information you enter into their email
program, including the contents of your mails, mail servers, and even
passwords. They may not do so yet but the mechanism is already there,
and they already openly admit to spying on you. The data is stored on
their servers in Israel. Do you know the privacy laws there? Have
you ever dealt with Israeli companies?

From their site, "IncrediMail relies on two platforms to make an
income; 1) the sale of its software products and 2) advertisement via
the Status Window in the application and on the Web site." So either
you buy it from them or you choose to use adware (see for an "Advertisements" link showing a pic of
their "status" spam window). Not only do they spew ads in your face
but they also append their "promotional" spam signature at the end of
every one of your outbound e-mails. Free accounts at Yahoo and
Hotmail do that, too, and why I will receive from their service but I
will NOT send through them. Instead use your own ISP's SMTP server to
send your outbound mails. However, if you use the free Incredimail
client, you spew spam in every one of your outbound mails. Do you
think your recipients really appreciate getting Incredimail's ugly
advertisement at the end of your mails? You think your e-mails look
professional with someone's spam tacked onto the end of it (in
addition to all the fluff they add to bloat the size of your e-mails)?

So here is crapware that severely bloats the size of mails, used by
children and spammers to hide that there is little content in their
mails, spies on your mails, and spews ads in your face. Sometimes it
is difficult to believe that so many adults are so gullible and also
such irresponsible e-mailers.