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Default "The certificate's CN Name does not match the passed value."

Can anyone recommend a different microsoft newsgroup that might be more
appropriate for asking this question?


"SteveK" wrote in message
Recently my ISP sent out an email saying that I am supposed to change my
email settings
from to
from to

They also requested that I set up SSL on ports for pop and smtp. I did
that and found that I couldn't get outgoing mail to work. I was not even
able to get it to work when I switched back the smtp server to original
setting. In the process of trouble shooting I installed another email
client to see if it was Outlook that was causing the problem. When Eudora
opened it asked if I wanted to make it the default email program and I
said no. It didn't end up working with any of the settings that I put it
in. So I closed it and opened Outlook and then Outlook asked me if I
wanted it to be the default and I said yes. After that Outlook smtp
started working, EXCEPT that now it always opens a window when it is going
to send anything over the smtp that says:

"The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that
could not be verified.
The certificate's CN name does not match the passed value.
Do you want to continue using the server?"

And I say yes. But it doesn't remember the setting and I get the same
message about the CN name the next time I open Outlook.

One more thing: During the trouble shooting process, thinking that I had
a corrupted cerificate I did go into IE Options and in the Content tab I
selected "Clear SSL state". I can't remember whether I started getting
the CN name error message before or after I did that.

Anybody know what's going on here?