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Default E-mail to Group without showing e-mail addresses to everyone

Thank you Bruce and Michael,

"Michael Santovec" wrote in message
If you want each person's name, and only their name, to appear in the TO
field, you need to send a separate message to each person. That is the
nature of mail on the Internet. When you send one piece of mail to
multiple people, they all get identical TO and CC fields. The only way
to get unique TO and/or CC fields is to send separate messages. It's
tedious to do that in OE. There are some bulk mailer programs designed
for this. You might try the shareware sites. There are links to
shareware sites in the URL in my signature. Also, Outlook2000+ can do
this as part of an e-mail/merge.

Send Personally for Outlook Express


Mike -

"Anders Hellstrom" wrote in message
BlankAs secretary for our Homeowners Association I want to send e-mail
to the members (60) I have
listed as a group in my Outlook Express Address Book as follows:
1. I do not want to show all e-mail addresses to everyone.
2. In the "To:" I want to show the recipients address only.
3. In the "From:" I want to show my address (Name in most cases).

How do I accomplish this without having to send each e-mail manually?

Hope anyone can help,