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Default Outlook 2002:, how to remove backup?

What created the Outlook backup file? I would look in that program's folder
to start.

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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After furious head scratching, A.Translator asked:

| I use a third party widget which pulls data from my Outlook 2002 and
| shows them on my desktop. This works fine, but for a lot of double
| entries. I think this is because deleted data are still in an Outlook
| backup file. (the double entries were caused by wrongly synchen with
| a Palm handheld).
| I emptied the deleted items folder.
| I have done a search and found outlook.pst, but no backup outlook.pst.
| I have "show hidden and system files" checked.
| Googling gives a lot of hits, but they are all about how to backup
| Outlook data, not about removing the backup itself.
| Can some tell me how to remove the backup?
| Thank you.
| (I don't use Outlook for mail, I am only interested in removing
| calendar data).