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Default $19.99 Unlimited Space ! - Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server & 30 day FREE trial !

$19.99 Unlimited Space !

Managed Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server & 30 day FREE trial !

Outlook was ment to be on Exchange - Experience the power !

Access your email, calendar, contacts & task list from anywhere!
Provide shared access to co-workers in real-time...24/7
DataSyncPros Hosted Exchange Solution allows your business to
communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively.

Using Microsoft® Outlook 2003 software and features, DataSyncPros
Hosted Exchange offers real-time access to your Outlook profile (email,
calendar, task list and address books) from your desktop computer and
from any online device (PDA, Blackberry, notebook, etc.).

Whether you are on the road or at the office, managing your emails,
calendar, task list and address book is simple.

Improve collaboration with co-workers by sharing a company calendar and
contact list. DataSyncPros Hosted Exchange is also available to Mac
users using Entourage.

Never worry about hardware upgrades, software updates and server
configurations for your messaging server again!
DataSyncPros Hosted Exchange Solution provides a significantly lower
total cost of ownership. We maintain the systems at no additional
charge to you and provide the flexibility to grow as needed.

You can literally run your business, manage your tasks, schedule
appointments, share files and check your email no matter where you are.
DataSyncPros Hosted Exchange is the perfect low cost solution for a
business which requires mobility and flexibility. Contact us to setup a
30-day trial account and test the many benefits this solution provides.

Key Benefits:

Improve communication & collaborate - your information is hosted on
our servers so that it is manageable and available to you from anywhere
you can find an internet connection and web browser anywhere in the
world, 24/7

Reduce Costs - no internal hardware, licenses, software updates,
hosting, bandwidth, security, facilities, etc. costs. You pay a monthly
rate per user and we manage the rest
Improve cash flow - per user pricing model allows the flexibility to
add or remove users

Save time - simply check a co-workers shared schedule or find a
clients' contact information
Peace of mind - Anti-virus protection from SecureTide®, Anti-spam
protection & backup recovery of the your information in the event you
lose a desktop or an entire office, including 99.99% uptime guarantee