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Default can we get background like in incredimail

background picture or stationnaries some times called I suppose in the email
to send
I have checked for the rest by testing it and Outlook seem to have
everything except the stationnaries . I really hopes that we can add nice
ones of our choices in there but now I have heard also that it is a trick to
get out all my messages from incredimail do you know the procedure?

XP home , Office 97

any or all responses are gratefully accepted and thank you for your time

Running Compaq P3, 500Mhz
WIN XP home, Office XP SB
Dialup (no choice here)

"Brian Tillman" wrote:

justamailman wrote:

can we get background like in incredimail

Background where?

and does outlook has all the
folder, rules and junkmail filtering options incredimail has

Tell us what features does Incredimail has and we can tell you if Outlook
has equivalents.
Brian Tillman