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Default Outlook 'To:' Field Memory

When one is creating a new email message and begins to enter the
addressee's email name in the 'To:' field Outlook[Express] will present
alternatives to select in a small window. These selections are based
upon the characters one has already entered. Question: What are the
sources of these alternatives/possibilities(clearly one source is the
contact list)? Is there more than one possible source in Outlook
and/or Outlook Express? If so then what is the precedence order for
their usage/presentation etc.? Is there somekind of MRU
list/memory/cache of recently entered values beyond the address
book/contact list? If so then how can that MRU list/memory/cache be
cleared? A persistent erroneous entry seems to keep appearing there
and I can't figure out how to correct and/or remove it...the contact
list isn't it.