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Ron Sommer
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Default Find Message doesn't tell me folder path

Including the full path in the folder name will create the problem of
displaying the names in the folder list.

I am trying to figure out why you would need to know what the full path is.
You can open, copy to another folder,or move to another folder by right
clicking on the message.
The only thing that you can't do is open the folder to view all of the
messages in that folder.

You are correct. There is no way to find the path.
Ron Sommer

"roricka" wrote in message ...

Look, if OE has a weakness, that you can't find folder paths, then sure,
each folder should include its path in its name. Is this the case?

Thank you for the suggestion about marking unread. I have dozens of
folders containing unread mail so it doesn't help, I'm afraid, but it is
a good idea. However, in answer to my original question, I am assuming
that your answer is "there is no way to do that" -- i.e., there is no
way to obtain the path to the found parent folder. Or more specifically,
there is no way to find the path of a given stored email. Is that