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Brian Tillman
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Default Send mail no longer works

Xignals xignals@ wrote:

Using Outlook 2003 SP2 and all updates. Account is set up as a POP3
account, can receive and reply to mail but can not send new mail
messages. No errors occur, when pressing send the mail goes to the
outbox and then goes to the sent items folder, no error messages.

If the message actually leaves the Outbox and is moved to the Sent Items
folder, then it's likely the mail server accepted it and it is not Outlook's
problem. However, you can enable diagnostic logging and verify that the
server accepted the message. See

never gets delivered. I can ping the mail server, can telnet to the
mail server on port 25 and get a 250 ok response when issuing a helo

Another indication that there's nothing wrong on your end.

Her .pst file is 1.15gig in size. Is there a limit to how big a .pst
file can be?

Depends on the PST format. For an ANSI-format PST (the kind used in Outlook
97-2002), the limit is about 2 GB. For a Unicode-format PST (the kind
introduced in Outlook 2003), the limit is initially 20 GB but can be raised
to a value much, much higher than that.

I ran the Inbox repair tool and it did find errors but
said it corrected them. At a total loss as what to try next.

My opinion is that the problem is not on the sending machine but on the mail
server. Use diagnostic logging to find out. If you verify that the message
is, in fact, being sent, you can complain to the mail server provider with
proof their service isn't working.
Brian Tillman