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Default Find Message doesn't tell me folder path


None of you user-created folders should have the same name. Rename any such
folders to avoid such self-made confusion (e.g., Saved Messages1, Saved
Messages2, etc.; Archive2007, Archive2008, etc.).

roricka wrote:
Indeed PA Bear, it tells me the name of the sub FOLDER. But my question
is, what is the PATH to that folder? Let's say it's 3 subfolders deep,
and I gave it an obscure name. Or let's say I have several subfolders
(under different parent folders) with the same name. Simply having the
name of the subfolder doesn't give me enough info to find the email (or,
more importantly, OTHER emails that may be in that same subfolder.) You
dig?? How do I figure that out, without having to expand every folder
and look down every path?

'PA Bear [MS MVP Wrote:
;350242']If the "Include subfolders" option is checked, the subfolder
name should be
displayed in the Results.

roricka wrote:-
When I use Find Message (Ctrl-Shift-F), the resulting list only says
folder name of the mail. If I've created subfolders, it doesn't tell
how to find that folder, i.e., the "path" to the folder. Is there a
to do this. I have a fairly deep structure, and sometimes I have to
spend a lot of time finding the location of a found email.

How do other people handle this problem?

Thanks. -