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Default Fax from Outlook 2007

I've read your fine document.

You say "All that is required to send faxes from Outlook is to include the
Fax Mail Transport in your Outlook profile"

How does one do this with Outlook 2007? I can't seem to find any similar
paths or tabs as metioned in yr doc for 2000/2.

Would appreciate any help.
Thank you

"Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]" wrote:

Same as all other versions. Outlook 2007 will integrate with Windows XP Fax
or Vista's Windows Fax and scan.
Russ Valentine
"CliveDarling" wrote in message
Is it possible (in the home environment) to use MS Outlook 2007 to send a
composed email to a fax number, using the dial-up modem and phone line

When working with my last employer, it was possible but I do know that
was a huge amount of technology behind it, with break-out to fax servers

I would appreciate your comments.