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Default can public folder calendars be synchronized with user calendars?

Ed Crowley [MVP] wrote:
Not natively, and I know of no third-party app that does that. You're
welcome to look at

If the team calendar is a public folder, they could synchronize that
folder by making it one of their public folder Favorites and
configuring it to be available offline. But that won't merge the
content with their Outlook folder.

Add2Exchange will sync public & private calendars.

"Fritz Theiss" wrote in
message ...

in my company we do use public folders heavily within exchange
2003. for our team we share that way i.e. a public folder (team)
calendar, mostly containing absences of our team.

however other employees of our company are not aware, where to find
our team
calendar. when checking, who is available, they do check the user
calendar of
the members of our team. however these personal calendars are not
updated as
the team calendar has been decided as the way to go. beside of
changing internal communication ;-), is there any way to synchronize
the team calendar
with the userīs calendar in order to avoid writing entries twice?

thanks in advance / danke im voraus, fritz
Fritz Theiss