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Default 'Stop Processing More Rules' not working

I am having some problems using 'Stop processing more rules'
directive in outlook rules. Specifically the 'Stop Processing More
Rules' directive seems to apply to a message regardless of whether
or not the message meets the condition specified in the rule. The
result is that only the first rule in my rule list seems to work. To
be noted that the conditions that I am using cause the rules to be
'Client Only'.

I have rules like this
Apply the rule after message arrives
If (some conditions are satisfied)
(take some action)
Stop processing more rules
The conditions that I am using make the rule 'Client Only'.
I was expecting that 'Stop processing more rules' would kick in only
if the condition specified in the rule is satisfied. But what I am
seeing is that the 'stop processing more rules' kicks in regardless of
whether or not the message meets the criteria specified in the rule.
The result is that none of the following rules, which have criteria
that would have been satisfied and would have processed that
message, get executed.

That action only happens if the rule fires upon the message, so if
this is the first rule, then it's firing against the message. Are
the other actions of the rule firing against the message? If it's
not this rule, it's some other rule that is firing against the
message that is keeping other rules from firing, or no other rules
match the message.

I was also expecting that the action would fire only on matching the
rule condition. But that is not the case. The 'Stop Processing More
Rules' action is firing regardless of whether or not the condition is

It isn't that I don't believe you, I believe you're seeing what you're seeing.
What I don't believe is that Outlook isn't behaving properly. It simply
isn't behaving the way you think it should. Believe me, of all the parts
of Outlook that tend to go wrong, Rules is about 99.999% solid, especially
when it comes to basic processing of rules.

This first rule, what is the action it is doing?

Here's what I would do. Export all rules. Delete all rules but this one.
Add an action that you'll notice, like the Display ____ in a New Item Window
action. Send a message that you think should be caught by the rule that
isn't firing. If you don't get the New Item Window, import the rules and
then delete all but the first and second rule. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

I will guarantee you that you have a rule *before* the rule you think should
be catching this message that is catching the message.

Either that, or the rule you *think* should be catching the message isn't
because of something misconfigured in that rule.