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Default How do I share my Contacts/Address Book with someone else?

schwikes wrote:

A girl I work with and I both maintain Contact Lists, like Work
Related, Personal, Employees E-Mails, etc. What we'd like to do is
have one shared list that either one of us can update and it shows up
for both, so we "Shared our Contacts" but now, we'd like to see that
same list in our Address Book, so we can also email these people
without having to re-type them. Plus, we want to automatically
update whenever either one of us received some new contact info, so
that when we have to email a big group, we can choose out of that
updated list.

Are these stand-alone Outlook installations or do you use an Exchange server
as the back end? What version of Outlook? See if something here helps:
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]