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Default Make text in folders section bigger.

Font changed, problem solved.

As well, the magnifier is a nifty gadget though I won't need it with the
larger font.
It's amazing the lengths they went to in designing the MS software and
operating systems. They have my sincere admiration.

Thanks to both of you.

"Don" wrote:

I had to change the resolution of my desktop and the text in the folders and
"From/To/Received" sections of my OE 6 page are now too small for my old eyes
to read. I've looked all over, including help index, but can't find out how
to make them bigger.

I suppose I could find the answer more easily if I knew the technical names
of the sections of the O.E. page, but I couldn't find those either.

I'm generally pretty familiar with changing the display (Appearance, etc.)
properties. I thought the key to it might be somewhere in there, but if it
is I couldn't find it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Don