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Bruce Hagen
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Default outlook express is too big on my screen!

What exactly do you want to make smaller? The entire program so some of your
Desktop will show? That won't give you more room to view headers.

Are you viewing in the Preview Pane? Is that what you want to make smaller
so you see more messages headers in that pane? Just put the cursor on the
separator bar between the two panes. When it is in the right place it will
turn into a double arrow. hold the left mouse key and drag the Preview Pane
to the size you want. Same with the folder tree column.
Bruce Hagen
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"ANDY" wrote in message
How do i make outlook express smaller on my screen? I dont mean minimizing
it, its just that i can only fit 9 headers on the page, it used to be much
more than this. Also, the folders column on the left hand side is so big
Any help appreciated.